The natural ends of long hair in Urdu will help you get long, healthy and strong hair. Read about   fast long hair tips in Urdu to grow hair very quickly. Every woman wants her hair to be very thick and shiny, and she also makes efforts for them, sometimes shampoo changes, sometimes the conditioner is massaged with various oils. Using coconuts and eggs, they try on long hair. It is also true that the role of hair in a person’s personality is the most important, especially for a woman’s beauty. Although hair serum helps make hair shiny and beautiful, it has nothing to help grow hair in the roots of the hair and keep it strong, and also promotes growth. The hair growth rate is about two mm per week, and the hair duration is increased from two to three years. There is a widespread assumption that the contraction of hair or hair spreads over and over again, although this is not confirmed in any way.

Long hair tips 

In order to eat the nutrients that make your hair healthy and shiny, it is very important. Here are some nutrients needed for your hair. Add the right amount of protein to your diet. This component is very important for hair, nails and general health. The best examples of protein are fish and chicken. If essential fats are removed from our diet, they immediately affect the health of the hair and show their natural shine if your hair is dry and coarse, and fish from your diet, which is the best source of fatty acids. In addition, eat dry fruits, they will also provide good nutrition for your hair. If you need to strengthen your hair, add iron to your diet. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of iron, so include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet, especially in an apple banana, guava and carrots. All minerals are very important for hair. They protect and strengthen hair from dryness and fatigue. Cereal vegetables and fruits are the best way to get them.

Healthy Hair Tips

Hair mask with coconut oil and egg - an excellent conditioner and an ideal tool for all types of hair. This applies to all types of hair, like dull, dry curly hair. Everyone wants to get long silky shiny healthy hair. In this busy lifestyle, hair needs care. We share coconut oil and an egg mask for hair in various light forms that moisturize your hair and also help grow hair, so these are the best tips for long hair. Vitamins B, Vitamins C, Vitamins E and Vitamins K are essential for healthy hair. When 80 percent of the diet consists of fried and cooked foods and junk food, a deficiency of vitamins in the body is inevitable. To get vitamins, make vegetable seeds green vegetables and dairy products for your diet. There are treasures of fruit vitamin, do not mix fruit juices, but also eat fruits so that you and your hair can receive good nutrition. some have to be careful. Reduce the amount of salt and caffeine in your diet. Avoid junk food and junk food every day, do not eat one kind of food, but instead eat it, because eating one type of food causes some components of abrasion and a decrease in the amount of nutrients that can also be free radicals. May be the main cause of hair loss. If the diet is correct and balanced, it improves overall well-being, so instead of caring for artificial objects, balance your diet,


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